Flexible Options
100% Cloud-Based, No Software
No Support Cost

Cloud-based CASS Service for mailers, printers and letter shops.

If you submit Mail.dat® files or use metered mail, this is the solution you've been waiting for.
Our end-to-end solution automates CASS with an ALL Web-based solution - NO software to download, update, or manage.
Flexible pricing options will fit any budget. NO hidden costs or additional fees.
Verifying data quality is instrumental in reaching your intended audience. CASS Processing validates every address in your file against all USPS delivery points. Your data will be returned in a standardized format and will include the necessary fields to qualify for automation postage discounts (i.e. ZIP+4, delivery point, and Carrier Route). For parcel shippers this process provides the 11-digit ZIP code required for USPS shipping discounts.
Web-Based Service (No Software to install)
Standardizes Address Data
Appends Zip Codes
Appends Zip+4
Appends Delivery Point Barcode (DPBC)
Appends Carrier Route information
Appends County data
Provides USPS® CASS™ (Form 3553) Summary Report
Corrects/Appends Suite information - USPS® SuiteLink
Additional services are available upon request.
Call for details.
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